Thursday, April 17, 2014


Hey Everyone,

This is crazy! Ok the buttons are all in the wrong places so dont worry, im not being lazy, just slow. wow this morning already feels like forever ago...long flights will do that i guess. Fun fact theres 2 sisters here from our stake in ammon...a sister fisher and someone...not sure about her last name yet but shes in my branch so ill find out. its so beautiful here! So many colors and smells...all good ones as of yet! we just had a power out for like 2 seconds and then everything came back on. I guess that's not that weird here (yay! i just found the apostrophe!!!)
Hope everyone is doing ok...all the flights went great, food here is awesome (no i didn't gorge least not too much ;) and everyone is super nice. as soon as i got here they said go eat and then we'll get you started so everyone was wondering why I didn't have a companion. But I do! Is name's Jacob Hunt. Haven't met him yet, but I'm sure he's awesome. Pictures will follow I'm sure. can't wait to get started with classes tomorrow. My pday's on wednesday, so I'll be able to email again then, but since mothers day is coming up they're letting everyone skype home from the MTC, so I'll need the skype info for dad or whoever I'll skype. ¿Tender mercy? I think yes! It's a good feeling wearing a mission badge...fits just right. Tell everyone I love them!!!I Sorry I'm really scatterbrained right now, but that'll change quick I think. I heard that this Friday I go teach a lesson in Spanish...really hitting the ground running on this one. It's awesome. The MTC's way big! I've got a tennis court right outside from the looks of things. Pday will be way fun. Of course, so will everything else!!! The drivers here are crazy...somehow they manage to fit 6 cars across a 3 lane road with no speed limits and people running all over. I said I think all the drivers should get a medal of bravery or something like that. Anyways! Gotta run! LOVE YOU GUYS LIKE CRAZY!!!!!

Elder King 

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