Monday, July 28, 2014


Hi Everyone,

Our Golden contact: Basically a Mormon.
He completely quit drinking from the first time he started meeting
with us, and has not touched it since. He feels the spirit, knows it's
true, keeps all his commitments...he's getting baptized on August
10th. We asked him how he felt about that and he said, "I still feel
the need to know more just informational stuff about everything. But
there is no way that's stopping me from getting baptized." In lessons
with other people we have him share his testimony and ask for his
insight to help others learn. He's awesome. He will be a powerful
force good, I know that much.

Ok, Maria and Iris...we haven't been able to talk to them recently,
because we need a man to go with us, and there has never been one
there. So coordinating who we can go with to suit 4 schedules is
sometimes difficult. But they are doing well. They didn't come to
church yesterday though. Btw, we had 9 investigators at church
yesterday! And next week we should have even more. I know missions are
not about numbers, but that kind of does make one happy to see the
choices people are choosing to make :)

We met a new family!!! Elder Killpack (my old companion) and I met
them while street contacting on the way to another person's house.
They seemed interested, but it was hard to figure out. We walked back
once or twice but no one was ever home. So about a week and a half
ago, Elder Dial (my new companion) and I threw them on our schedule to
go walk by and see. Lo and behold, they were sitting outside! So we
talked to them. And scheduled with them to come back. Which we have
now done 3 or 4 times. Each time there are more people sitting
outside. This past time I think there were about 15 people that were
all just there. Short story, I love this family! They are eager,
desire to learn, suck up the truth like fish in a desert finding a
lake, and love it when we come over. Plus, they are keeping their
commitments, doing the things that we ask them to do. I'm having a
hard time trying to figure out how to describe my feelings for this
family...words can sometimes be a prison, I swear ;) but they are

Love the work,

Elder King

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