Monday, June 2, 2014


Hola everyone!

I hope that all of you're weeks have been fantastically amazing! These
past few days have been very enlightening and crazy! I'm in Camden,
New Jersey for the next 3+ months or so. Apparently that's the most
dangerous city in the US, so I've got some interesting stories
already, with I'm sure more to come! However, the work really is
moving forward. The people here are very humble and receptive for the
most part to the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, and it is amazing to
see the impact that the gospel has on people's lives. I've already
been able to see it in the lives of a few recent converts, a couple
who has been baptized just about 5 months now. It's interesting to see
that even though they have very strong testimonies, there is still so
much yet to learn...for all of us! We are all children on this world.
We just need to remember that more sometimes :)

My companion is awesome! He's an awesome trainer. He has the spirit
with him, loves to work and teach the gospel, and is all around just a
cool guy.

We have iPads to teach with, and I'll tell y'all they are waaaay
handy! Being able to pull up a Mormon message or find a scripture with
a little tap is so nice. It helps the lesson flow better, and
therefore helps the spirit be there more. It's a great tool if you use
it right.

The people in Camden are way awesome! They are very humble...most of
them anyways. Some of them are--interesting? Haha so far we've been
offered prostitutes, eaten tons of cheese steaks (which I have decided
I don't really like that much), talked to tons of people, hung out in
Philadelphia, and played ball with some pretty interesting people. Got
schooled by a ten year old...I think I need to up my basketball game a
bit. Maybe by the time I get back I'll be able to make 1/10 instead of
1/50 ;)

But truly, I love being here :) I love the people, love the families,
and am so excited to share this glorious gospel with our Heavenly
Father's children. This church is true, and I know it.

Con mucho amor,

-Elder Brockston King

P.S. They said time flies...I really hope that's true :) miss y'all!
P-Day Sight-Seeing in Camden:

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