Monday, June 16, 2014


Hello everyone!!!

So, the past few weeks have been crazy fantastic! We have quite a few
investigators, but most of them are coming from a family that has
about 5 families as a part. Like they all married off and stayed super
close. Anyways, two of our investigators got baptized yesterday!!!
Ashley and Chris. They are super fun! Ashley's 9 and Chris is 12, and
it was awesome to see them make the decision to be baptized!

Some people we're working especially with are Ashley's parents. They
aren't married, and had never even heard of anything like the law of
chastity. It's been amazing to see the happiness that has come into
their eyes as they have continued to accept the gospel. Their names
are Miguel and Marie-Bell. It's an interesting situation, because
Miguel has a lot of problems with addictions and such, and has caused
some problems in the past. She wants to get baptized, but she's not
sure she wants to marry him because she's not sure he'll change, and
she doesn't want to leave him because they have 4 kids! But we have
faith that he'll be able to change.

The atonement can do amazing things when we truly have a desire to
change. I've been able already to see that in so many lives just in
the past few weeks.

Story time! So while I was on exchanges last week, my companion and
his companion for the day a lady named Victoria outside some apartment
buildings. They scheduled a return appointment for yesterday, and when
we went back, for some reason she wasn't there! There were some people
sitting in the porch though, so we started talking. Turns out, the
lady we talked to actually wasn't named Victoria! One thing we ask
people is who might be able to benefit from our message. She decided
her mom, Victoria, did, so she just acted like her mom and set up a
return appointment for her! Haha it was pretty funny once we figured
that out. We talked to her about God's plan for us, and it was super
awesome! She was very prepared. Not with the answers, ha but she was
very receptive to the spirit. The spirit was way strong!

The baptism! The girl in the white and the boy with his arm around her
are Ashley and Chris, and the other guy is Juan Carlos, a convert of
about 5 months. He had the opportunity to baptize them! So neat for

all of them :)

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