Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Exercise: Yes! I i´m playing soccer about every day with the Latinos here. We play on like a 1/3 size cement court...I´ll admit, when I first got here I wasn´t sure how it would play out. just last week my companion and I were talking about how fat we were getting (don´t worry...i think I´d gained like 3 or 4 pounds) after 3 days of soccer, it either disappeared or turned into muscle. They run me RAGGED. But it´s a good time...I´m good friends with the Latinos now and they help me with spanish and I help them with english. I´m still awful, but at least I´m getting a little better. I hope :) The language is going great. We teach lesson´s every day in spanish. I´m sure it sounds something like "The Holy help...felt...peace?...and happy day". I can talk and and least get my point across with most things... pretty good for 3 or 4 weeks. The Spirit makes everything go amazingly here. The time is FLYING though. It´s really weird. 

Anyways...yeah we have been having rain! about every day...but if this is the hottest Mexico gets, I think I want to live here year round! It´s way nice in the morning, hot in the afternoon, then rains in the evening. I think one of my favorite parts about being here is the devotionals and fireside. It´s typically a broadcast from the Provo MTC. We had Elder Holland last night, Elder oaks the week before, and another one of the general authorities the week before. Oh! It was Uchtdorf for the easter devo. He talked for like half an hour about the love Jesus had had for Mary Magdalene. It was really interesting. 

It´s amazing to see someone who´s never felt the spirit in their life, at least not really known what it is, feel it for the first time. Especially when they just laugh and get really happy. I´ve got a talk for everyone to´s by Elder Holland. It changed my life. And then to hear him give one in person with the same elements last night...He said "I warn you, I get excited about all this. I could just about vault over the pulpit and throw some fire at ya" He talked about how PmG was born...the problem wasn´t the investigators. It was the missionaries coming home and going inactive. They said Preach my Gospel is to convert you...we leave it up to you to figure out how to convert the investigator.

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