Thursday, May 1, 2014


Hola mí familiá! 


Thanks for the notes from everyone. They made me laugh and smile and feel all warm and fuzzy inside :) I miss everyone so much! Haha the first thing i´ll do is answer questions :D

The tie was my companions not mine. We have like 4 of the same ties...ha idk why, it just ended up like that. So we wear the same ones sometimes :D Elder Hunt is from plane city, UT got the violin tie pin at the tienda (store). They have a bunch of stuff there...So should I get two shirts from there? a girl one and a guy one and one for me and send the two home do ya think? By the way...we got to be friends with one of the workers here. One of the elders in our district wore a soccer jersey to gym one time, and he started talking to us a few days later. He can get us a soccer jersey from any team in the world except i think australia, with our name and number on the back. I don´t feel draggy at all, haha i feel great :D

Lincoln: Love you tons buddy!!! That´s soooo cool! and you´re welcome for the bed. Ask him how old zac was.

The gospel´s the only thing that really matters in this world...It´s cool you´re having so many chances to share it with people. Thank you for those paragraphs mom.It´s awesome here. Tons of amazing people. Nothing beats home though :D 

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